Draw no bet: Draw No Bet Explained

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While some advanced bettors might like to chance their arm with complex betting strategies, we also know that some punters simply want to place a bet on the team they think is going to win. Anyone who has read betting odds before, however, will know that when the option of a draw is on the table, the outcome can be a little less predictable.

When to Use DNB?

When to Use DNB?

Some bettors don’t like to be thrown off by the idea of a draw. That’s why Draw No Bet betting comes in. The idea is that by removing the possibility of a draw, the Draw No Bet odds simply represent the chance of each team winning. This is much easier to get your head around.

For those who like the simple life, the Draw No Bet (DNB) strategy is most certainly an option to consider. If it sounds like something you would be aligned with, this handy article gives you a rundown of the Draw No Bet meaning. You can also check out the rest of this guide for tips on how to place a DNB wager on Parimatch’s sports betting platform when to use DNB to make the most of your wager, and the advantages and disadvantages of Draw No Bet wagers.

When a Draw is Likely

You’re probably wondering “What does Draw No Bet mean?” Draw No Bet does exactly what it says on the label — if there is a draw, no bet, meaning that if a draw result occurs, the bet is canceled. But what does this mean for you as the bettor?

As we mentioned in the introduction, draws are quite rare and therefore have quite high odds. That said, draw outcomes tend to throw off the odds when betting on a team to win. In fact, when you look at the Premier League, across 5 seasons from 2012 — 2017, the chance of a draw was 25%. This significantly skews the odds when attempting to bet on a winning team. If you would like to simply bet on which team would win without considering the draw result, you can bet on a Draw No Bet wager.

What this means is that you, as the bettor, pick either team as the predicted winner. The concept of a draw occurring is removed from the equation — you pick either team or player 1 or 2 to win. If a draw does occur, however, instead of throwing your odds or you losing your bet stakes, the stake is simply returned and your bet is canceled.

When You Want to Stake the Underdog

In general, the draw no bet market is a betting type used by more risk-averse bettors. The odds don’t tend to be as high but the chance of losing is considerably reduced as now there are only 2 options of the outcome rather than the third option of a draw.

Another reason you may consider a Draw No Bet wager is to back an underdog when you have a chance they might win. Take 2018/2019 Premier League season. Wolverhampton Wolves rose up from nowhere and defeated many a top Premier League side in an unexpected twist of fate. In this circumstance, you may have considered backing Wolves against teams like Man U, despite Wolves still being the underdog. Betting on a Draw No Bet gives you the safety of a draw as you won’t lose your money if the underdog draws instead of outrightly winning. However, if they win, you win big. So in this sense, a Draw No Bet wager is a great safety net for betting on underdogs.

When You’re Live Betting on a Favorite That’s Losing

If you are still a little unclear about how a Draw No Bet betting market works, let’s use a soccer example to help you get to grips with it. Take a look at this match below between Wolverhampton Wanderers (1) at home against Leicester City away (2):

In the above market example, you can see the odds for a double chance bet. This is a wager where you can either bet that Wolves (1) will win, the teams will draw (X), or that Leicester City will win (2). In this scenario, the odds are pretty even on both sides, with a slight lean toward Wolves win. The odds that Wolves will win are 2 55 and the odds that Leicester City will win are 2 85. However, the odds or a draw are 3 25. In this case, while a draw is less likely, as can be seen by the odds, there is still a chance that a better could lose their stake on the draw.

Imagine you were to place a wager that Wolves would win. When we look at odds, we can use these figures to calculate the implied probability. This type of probability refers to your chances of winning the bet. You can do this by taking the odds — in this case, 2 55 — and dividing 1 by those odds, and multiplying it by 100. In this case:

Pros and Cons of Draw No Bets Wagers

This is because, with a double chance bet, you are betting on one of three scenarios — 1 or X or 2. So when you compare your chances of winning the bet against your chances of not winning the bet, you have to add together the two chances that you won’t win.

Pros of Draw No Bet Wagers

In this scenario, the chances of winning the bet on a Wolves match ends with a win is 56%. The chance of losing the bet calculates to 49% (with a betting margin of 5%). In this situation, the chances of winning the bet increase as the chances of losing decrease considerably with a draw result removed from the potential outcomes.

Cons of Draw No Bet Wagers

It is easy to get the hang of Draw No Bet wagers as they are a relatively simple concept. However, some betting sites make it tricky to actually place DNB wagers. Luckily, Parimatch believes in frictionless online betting, which is why our process for placing a Draw No Bet is as simple as possible. Here’s what you need to do:

The major reason that bettors use the Draw No Bet betting options is to reduce the chances of losing a bet. With a DNB bet, you take out the chances of a draw happening, as your stake will be returned if a tie outcome occurs. This doesn’t make it more likely that a bettor will win, just less likely that you will lose your stake.

Draw No Bet Alternatives

Draw No Bet wagers are a great idea if you are planning to bet on a team but a draw is likely. This would occur when both teams are of similar capabilities and skills. If you are unsure of whether two teams are likely to draw, consider the odds. If both teams in a game have similar odds, they are likely to draw.

Bear in mind, if you see odds that are somewhat similar and the home team has a smaller edge, this is likely the home team advantage being represented. This would mean that there is likely to be a draw. The above market example of Wolves versus Leicester City is a prime example of this. As two similarly skilled teams, they have nearly equal odds. Wolves have slightly lower odds as they have the home team advantage. In this scenario, a draw is very likely.

Double chance betting

When betting on the underdog, you have a chance of winning big if your prediction is correct. The problem with betting on the underdog is that the chances are certainly not in your favor, making the bet riskier than wagering against the favorite. On top of this, the draw result skews the chances of losing even further from your favor.

Handicap 0 0

Here you can see that Burnley is the underdog. While this may be true in terms of skill, Manchester United lost 0-2 to Burnley in January 2020. This shows that Burnley could surprise the crowd and beat Southampton.

Imagine you choose to back Burnley with a stake of 10,000 TZS at an odds of 4 90. In this example, you only have a 20% implied chance. With the draw and a Southampton win against you, you are looking at an 85% implied chance against you (including a 5% bookmaker margin). This means an 85% chance of losing your money.


If you are watching a match and you truly believe that the favorite is going to win, but they are currently losing, you want to remove the draw outcome. When the favorite starts to give away their lead, it’s time to bet on a Draw No Bet. This could be that the favorite is losing or the underdog has scored, closing the gap. In this case, you want to reduce the likelihood of losing your stake if they draw.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the Draw No Bet market option, and each of these points plays out differently depending on the situation in which you are applying the betting option. Consider these advantages and disadvantages of Draw No Bet wagers before choosing this strategy:


Punters will be surprised that the tie outcome is actually far more common than realized. In soccer, for example, a draw occurs around 25% of the time. This means one of four games will end in a draw. If you factor the draw into your odds, you have a high chance of losing when selecting a winning team. By going for Draw No Bet, you can put your faith into a side without having to worry about the fallout of a draw.

One of the reasons that Wolves managed to creep up the Premier League was because bigger teams underestimated them. Instead of playing their prime squads against the Wolves, they played inexperienced and less skilled teams. This meant that Wolves managed to harness points through surprising wins and much-needed draws. A Draw No Bet protects you from financial loss in similar scenarios.

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The difference with this compared to Draw No Bet wagers is that the odds tend to be lower as you have more chance of winning this kind of bet. You may also find more restrictive limits with double chance bets.


A handicap 0 0 bet is essentially exactly the same as a Draw No Bet wager. In a 0 0 handicap bet, there is no draw option and without a handicap (as it is set at 0 0), neither team is given an advantage. In this scenario, if you bet on Crystal Palace and they win, you win the bet. If you bet on Crystal Palace and they draw, your stake is returned. If you bet on Crystal Palace but Newcastle wins, you lose your stake.

While it may seem that 1X2 bets give better odds when you look closely you will see that the draw significantly skews your chances of winning. The Draw No Bet betting option enables punters to be able to place a bet without worrying about the impact of a possible draw. This is especially poignant when one considers that soccer experiences draw 25% of the time!

By opting for a Draw No Bet wager, you can not only reduce your implied probability of losing, but you can also protect your stake at the same time. This allows you to take more risky strategies such as backing the underdog to try and increase your potential winnings. It also enables you to shelter yourself from a favorite losing in action. If you see the margin closing between a favorite and the underdog while the game is in play, a Draw No Bet wager can help to shelter you from the looming draw that seems possible!


Thankfully, placing a Draw No Bet wager on the Parimatch sports betting app is incredibly easy. All Draw No Bet wagers are listed under all sports that have the possibility of a draw occurring. Using our state-of-the-art app, you’ll find the widest range of Draw No Bet options in all of Africa! Join Parimatch today to place DNB wagers directly from your smartphone!

Como fazer uma aposta DNB

Apesar da sigla ou da nomenclatura em inglês do termo, o significado de Draw no Bet é bem fácil de ser assimilado, nada mais é que Empate anula Aposta. E o Arena 22 traz todos os detalhes sobre o tema e ainda mostra como utilizar o DNB em seu próximo palpite.

Vantagens do DNB

Isso acontece porque com o DNB, literalmente, o empate anula a aposta. Ou seja, é possível apostar indicando a vitória de um time e também o empate da partida. Caso o resultado seja com o placar igual para ambos os clubes, a aposta é anulada e o participante recebe seu dinheiro de volta.

Você sabe quais são as maiores rivalidades do futebol? Veja agora

As cotações mostram que a probabilidade do tricolor paulista vencer o jogo é bem maior que seu rival carioca. Contudo, você deseja apostar na vitória do Fluminense, mas tem receio de dar uma bola fora, por isso, decide usar o DNB.

Neste cenário, as odds de uma aposta Draw no Bet são diferentes, pois, vão gara ntir ao bookmaker seu lucro e a você, apostador, uma chance maior de não perder seu dinheiro. Veja como ficariam as cotações.


Dessa forma, com uma aposta de R$ 10, você ganharia R$ 42,20 se o Flu conquistasse a vitória na partida ou receberia de volta o valor que jogou se o placar ficasse empatado. O dinheiro seria perdido, entretanto, se o São Paulo vencesse.

Preconceito no futebol feminino ainda existe?

Entretanto, é preciso cautela, uma vez que neste caso, as odds apontam para a vitória dos times da casa e todos jogadores experientes sabem que essa probabilidade de favoritismo deve ser levada em conta.

Siga a Arena 22

Contudo, existem casos em que o empate anula aposta não compensa, principalmente porque algumas casas de apostas podem pagar um valor muito baixo nessa modalidade. Por isso, é válido usar a calculadora Draw no Bet para visualizar os possíveis cenários, riscos e ganhos que seu palpite pode ter.

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